Save time and money with ProNitro® seed treatment

Our ProNitro® seed coating is exceptionally rich in nitrogen. It contains 15% of N – at least seven times as much as ordinary fertiliser seed coatings which typically contain between 1% and 2% N. Applying fertiliser by means of a seed coat is up to four times more effective than ordinary broadcasting of fertiliser. Now, after its first year of use in Europe, amenity and forage-grass growers are telling us that it works for them.


Cost-effective on the cricket pitch

Matthew Merchant, the head groundsman at Lancashire County Cricket Club in England, ran his own ProNitro® trial. This is what he said:

"We trialled the ProNitro® coated seed against an uncoated control using the same blend of varieties in two practice wickets. Both were seeded at the same rate and time. This means therefore that there was less actual seed in the ProNitro® wicket. No pre-seed or additional fertiliser was applied to either wicket.

"The ProNitro® gave a more dense, stronger growth than the control with good root development. The sward had better colour and definitely established more quickly. The ProNitro® therefore is a cost-effective way of maximising a dense grass cover over a shorter period of time and saves the time and cost of applying fertiliser."

Matt also noted that the ProNitro® seed kept its colour for several weeks longer than the control.

How does it work?

Wrapping each seed in such a large amount of nitrogen gives it a head start – and not just at the germination and seedling stage. The nitrogen in ProNitro® goes on to support establishment and growth throughout the first month. It reveals its presence through faster plant growth, higher yields, and improved stress-tolerance.

ProNitro® treatment also increases seed weight, which improve soil contact. It also supports overseeding because heavier seeds penetrate stubble and thatch more easily.

Test results speak for themselves

ProNitro®, 3 days after sowing Control, 3 days after sowing

Before we launched ProNitro®, we tested it in our own field trials. On one we sowed the seed on 18th October 2014 at Landhorst in the Netherlands and monitored it for five weeks. The following May, we examined the sward again. This is what we discovered.

  • Two weeks after sowing ProNitro® seedlings were a darker green and taller than the control.

  • This effect was visible throughout the initial five week assessment.

  • In May 2015, Poa annua infestation was lower in the ProNitro® sward (just 5%) compared to the control (10%).

  • And the ProNitro® sward was more uniform.

Please contact your local DLF representative to learn more about the benefits of a ProNitro® solution.