Where would sport be without 4turf®?

The 4turf® revolution set in motion by DLF continues to provide edge-of-seat excitement and performance in all areas of sport.


Continued investment in 4turf® technology has created a second generation of top-quality varieties with increased wear tolerance. These are the varieties that provided the playing surfaces for all the major sporting events of the past decade, including the Brazilian World Cup and the European Championship in France.

Drought tolerance takes 4turf® to southern Europe

We have always been at the forefront of development of tetraploid, turf-type Lolium perenne varieties. Our own plant breeder, Christophe Galbrun, was named the 'Father of 4turf®'. One of the key features of 4turf® varieties is the speed with which it germinates at low temperatures. As a result, 4turf® took off rapidly in countries with colder winters.

Since then the reach of 4turf® has extended as new varieties with different characteristics have come on stream. Sales in the Mediterranean region have been boosted by varieties with increased drought-tolerance and disease resistance, features that are highly valued across southern Europe. Another characteristic that makes 4turf® particularly appealing is its colour – a darker green that improves the visual effect of any game of sport.

Excellent mixture partner

To maximise the benefits of 4turf®, groundsmen often mix it with diploid varieties. Mixing varieties increases the adaptability and improves the outcome.

4turf® is also an ally in your search for a weed-free seed lot. Legal restrictions mean that the challenge of finding weed-free seed will increase in the years ahead. Luckily 4turf® seeds are bigger. That makes it easier for us to filter out the smaller weed seeds – and it puts you on the path to a zero-weed, 4turf® seed lot.

Football championship in Russia ready for 4turf®

As the world's leading turf grass supplier, we will also be the supplier for the 2018 world football tournament in Russia. Some Russian stadia have already been sown with our 4turf® varieties. To cement our position we are running more local trials using 4turf® mixtures. We are confident that DLF's 4turf® technology will again play a major role in this major sports event, for the sowing of new pitches as well as for overseeding.

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