New portfolio shows what seeds and science can produce

Our drive for new varieties with improved characteristics is never-ending. With each new season we release a fresh batch supported by test results and formal adoptions on national lists of recommended varieties. For the seed industry's sales and marketing professionals, this is a time to discover what the future holds for their customers.


Time, patience and collaboration

It's an exciting time, too, for the industry's hard-working breeders and product managers. The results prove that the time and effort they've invested over the years on market analysis and field trials have at last produced something new and better for the market.

Seed development is an all-consuming task. To produce the varieties the market needs, we have to put in long hours and work collaboratively with our colleagues.

"We need the whole team on board because everyone has a role to play in making the process run smoothly enough for us to supply the market with top quality varieties," says Mette Jespersen, Head of Product Management at DLF.

All those days spent in the field and in the lab finally pay off when we see our varieties reach the market. This year is no exception as we celebrate the arrival of several new varieties into the seed markets of Ireland, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Benelux countries.

"It is like seeing our kids grow up and leave to experience the world," says Morten Greve, a DLF Breeder who devotes his time to breeding successful, top-quality perennial ryegrass.

Breeding goals that meet market needs

We know what the market wants so we set our ambitions high and give ourselves clear breeding goals. Top of the list are:

  • High yield
  • Good climatic persistency
  • High quality
  • Disease tolerance

One thing we don't do is limit our vision. Despite having clear goals we always leave room for creativity and fresh ideas. A bit of imagination can sometimes inspire the most exciting new concepts.

To keep up to speed with all our new varieties it's best to go online. is where we announce new varieties and how they meet market demand.

Or you can talk to your local seeds and science expert from DLF.