ProNitro® seed coating saves time and money and is better for the environment

Our ProNitro® seed coating makes seed establishment more effective and more efficient. It gives you more plants, it uses fewer resources, and it saves you time. ProNitro® is a more sustainable way to plant a sports pitch, a park, or any area of turf.

Grow 34% more plants with ProNitro®

The essence of ProNitro® is precision. Each seed comes wrapped in its own supply of nutritional nitrogen. The nitrogen is precisely targeted: it lands wherever the seed lands. And the coating contains just the right amount of nitrogen. It's nutrition for the seed you planted, not for nearby competing weeds. That's why you typically grow 34% more plants from a batch of ProNitro® seed than you would from a comparable batch of uncoated seed.

Effective, two-stage release of nitrogen

The nitrogen within ProNitro® comes in two forms: fast-release and slow-release. This two-stage approach helps your turf get away sooner and more vigorously. The fast-release phase gives your seeds all the essential nutrients they need for stronger germination; the slow-release phase feeds nutrients directly to your fast-developing seedlings, not to competitor plants.

As a result ProNitro® gives you stronger, faster, and more uniform seed establishment, with up to 34% more plants, and roots that are up to 30% longer. This rapid, nutrient-fuelled growth produces a more stress-tolerant sward, while an improved sward density leaves less space for invasive weeds, and cuts your need for pesticides.

ProNitro® makes for more efficient sowing. Sowing seed and fertiliser in a single operation and applying fewer doses of pesticide reduce your costs in terms of labour, fuel and weed-control products. There are environmental benefits too: reduced greenhouse-gas emissions from fewer field operations and less run-off of nitrogen and pesticides into nearby rivers and streams.

Better use of water with hydroactive water-management technology

The latest formulation of ProNitro® features DLF hydroactive water-management technology for more efficient use of water.

DLF hydroactive water-management technology involves a wetting agent that reduces the surface tension to improve contact between seed and surrounding water. The technology helps draw in water so that roots and shoots can grow rapidly during the first stages of growth. An improved water supply gives you stronger, more vigorous plants – a vital feature when overseeding into a competitive sward.

The technology should also reduce your need for irrigation, which saves money while benefiting the environment.

Increase plant survival rates by up to 34%

Very little goes to waste with ProNitro® hydroactive. The nitrogen in the coating goes directly to the germinating seeds and developing seedlings. Roots and shoots grow rapidly in the first stages of growth; the seedlings become strong and vigorously good competitors to weeds.

After establishment, plant growth slows as the fertiliser is used up. But the rapid growth your plants have already achieved gives them a head start. It's improved their ability to take up available soil nutrients, and reduced nutrient losses into the environment through fixation or leaching.

ProNitro® is ideal for all types of playing surface where it increases plant survival rates by up to 34%. Even on golf greens and football pitches in low-fertility, sandy soils, ProNitro® provides stronger and faster establishment. Sport fields sown with ProNitro® become playable sooner, while sod or turf producers grow their products faster and with less Poa annua.

ProNitro® turns out to be good for everyone: growers, end-users, and the environment. Here's a quick checklist to help you promote your products at a premium price, and raise your company's environmental and sustainability credentials.

Benefits of ProNitro® – tips to help you spread the word

  • More environmentally friendly and less weed competition – nitrogen fertiliser stays with the seed instead of being applied randomly in a way that risks leaching into the surroundings 
  • Labour-saving because sowing and fertiliser application take place during a single operation
  • Reduced fertiliser cost
  • Improved stress- and wear-tolerance means less maintenance and more playing hours
  • Less time between sowing and establishment produces more playing hours
  • Better use of water and fertiliser gives you up to 34% more plants
  • Unique seed coating – only available from DLF