Research develops future forage solutions   

Varieties of grass and clover will in future be developed in close cooperation between traditional plant breeding and reseach based biotechological methods - leading towards the goal: New, improved varieties for the benefit of the farmers.

This is why DLF is participating in a large number of research and development projects. Please click on the subjets below to learn more:

GreenSelect: The green selection of forage

GreenSelect is an extension of the ForageSelect program, which seeks to utilize the powerful tool of genomic selection to decrease the impacts of agriculture on climate and environment.

Forage Select: Selecting the Best Forage  

We all want it – more yield, higher quality, better stress tolerance, and stronger disease resistance. But achieving top performance on all these traits simultaneously is a tremendous task and cannot be done without guiding information.

Genomic Selection - How?

Genomic selection is a technology that allows breeders to select new breeding material based on genetic potential. Read also Genomic SelectPlus

RadiMax - Root deeper, produce more!

Plant production faces tremendous challenges in the future. Climate changes already impacts agriculture significantly and the need for robust and drought tolerant crops has never been bigger.


Higher yield, more protein from an extraordinary trio: Grass-Clover-Rhizobium.

Nordic Plant Phenotyping Network (NPPN)

Using drones for more targeted grass breeding.

Research projects