Rescue your tired lawn with our no-dig approach

These instructions are for renovating a level lawn that's in a sorry state of repair. If you're starting from scratch, our instructions for establishing a new lawn are probably what you need. And if you just want to look after an existing lawn, see our maintenance and overseeding tips.

Not as big a job as you think

Some lawns have been so badly maintained, they look like they need a complete renewal. Don't worry, if your lawn's on level ground you may not have to dig it up and start again.

The 'no-dig' approach is a much less labour-intensive method that's becoming popular in other areas of gardening. So long as your lawn is flat and level, it's an easier way to sort out the weeds and bare patches.
No dig lawn reneval

  1. Closely mow whatever grass remains.
  2. Scarify the lawn, collect and remove the waste. Or kill the lawn off completely.
  3. Scatter new grass seed mixed with compost into the grooves left by the scarifier. Scatter left-to-right and front-to-back.
  4. Tread down or roll to help the seed sink to the soil
  5. Water gently.