Grow protein pulses for animal feed or human consumption

Instead of buying in soya beans or other imported proteins, why not grow your own? Our protein peas are a fine home-grown alternative. We specialise in the easiest and most profitable varieties – those with a high-quality, high-protein content that are easy to harvest, even when the weather's bad.

Protein peas

Atlas: green pea with high yield and easy harvest
Eso: yellow pea for feed and for human consumption
Nitouche: green seed – the reliable pea variety
Pinochio: small yellow seed, high standability

For the best protein production, choose varieties of field beans (spring beans) with white flowers. White flowers correlate with low tannin levels and better feed quality in the seeds, which means they can make up a larger part of your animals' diets, especially pigs and poultry.


Field beans

Columbo: white-flowering variety with very high protein yield and quality

The narrow-leaved lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) is richer in protein, comes to harvest earlier, and ripens over a shorter, more consistent season than the yellow lupin. Cattle and pigs can consume the protein, and the deep tap root improves soil structure.

Spring lupins

Iris and Primadonna: short stems, easy harvest, high protein

Which pulses are right for you?

To find out more, see the product page for each variety or ask your local DLF representative for advice.