Breathe new life into a tired lawn

It is not necessary to put up with a patchy and threadbare lawn. A single application of SeedBooster® is enough to nurse a tired lawn back to health. Seedbooster® is seed and fertiliser in one – a powerful shot of growth and energy that encourages the lawn to live its life to the full.


Think of SeedBooster® as first-aid for a worn-out lawn. The combination of seeds and fertiliser energises and revives a lawn for a season of lush green growth. SeedBooster® is just sown into the lawn – 'overseeding' as professionals call it – and let nature take its course. The first green shoots are quickly visible and before long the lawn will have grown into the thick green carpet it deserves to be.

Grow a healthier lawn, faster

SeedBooster® works because each seed is wrapped in its own parcel of fertiliser. Those tiny packets of energy help the seeds germinate sooner and establish faster. With a single application of SeedBooster®, you get up to 34% more grass and a denser lawn than by sowing seed and fertiliser separately.

Seed and fertiliser in one

  • No wasted fertiliser – better for the environment
  • The fertiliser feeds the seeds, not the weeds
  • The grass seed gets a boost and grows into a lawn faster
  • Less work – job only needed done once

Just one application of SeedBooster® is all the lawn need.

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