New forage and turf grasses add value to your business

Fifteen new forage and turf varieties give farmers and amenity managers even more options for improving their pastures and their pitches during the coming season. New forage varieties enable farmers to improve their forage production even more, while seven new turf varieties – including four new 4turf® options contribute further to make parks and sports fields easier to maintain.


Release of a new variety is the practical outcome of extensive research and development, and each variety is an example of how seeds and science can raise performance year after year.

Lift production with new high-quality forage grasses

Every farmer who'd like to increase forage quality and farm yields should take a closer look at our latest forage varieties. Each of our eight new seed varieties has its own yield-improving characteristics. One of them could be just right for your customers and the end user..

In our grazing segment we have grasses with enhanced disease protection for more reliable forage production. Among our intermediate and winter-tolerant grasses, we introduce two diploids AGASKA, MAQUI and and one tetraploid, MAGENA, all of which show excellent rust resistance. In our late grazing range, EVOCATIVE has proven itself to be a fast establisher, and a stable and high yielding variety.

If you're focused on grass for cutting, and prefer grasses with open growth that leave space for clovers, we add three new tetraploids IGUANA, FEDERER and TAPPIANA. All three are scoring high on disease tolerance, yield, persistency and digestibility.

FEDERER and IGUANA are notable for their ability to overcome winter stress, while MELLARA produces high-quality late-season growth suitable for grazing or cutting. In hot regions, TAPPIANA is an excellent choice for increased digestibility.

If you choose just one of our new grasses, you'll be on your way to help farmers to increase the production, whether it is milk or meat production

4turf® boosts disease tolerance across Europe

Four new 4turf® varieties, TETRADARK, TETRAMAGIC, TETRADRY and TETRAGAME, broaden and strengthen the range of 4turf® benefits. They support the 4turf® front-runner, FABIAN, with new characteristics that extend the playing season through fast germination, early spring growth and late winter dormancy.

Across Europe, 4turf® varieties have brought improved disease resistance to countless pitches and parks. 4turf® is a range of turf-type tetraploid perennial ryegrasses developed for their disease tolerance, their strong and fast establishment, and their ability to withstand a range of stressful conditions.

The amenity market has been eager to make use of 4turf®'s performance-improving characteristics – and the feedback we receive from this market is continously positive. With each passing year we develop this versatile group of grasses, which is why we're now ready to expand the portfolio with a second wave of products.

New flagship perennial ryegrass and smooth-stalked meadow grass

Two other turf varieties deserve a special mention. The perennial ryegrass, GILDARA, is likely to become a favourite among groundsmen. In independent trials across Europe it displayed high wear-tolerance. For high-profile sports use, GILDARA has it all: good looks, a rich density and superior recovery from wear. It's a winner on any pitch.

In the mid-range GLADYS is now available as a no-nonsense perennial ryegrass with good wear tolerance. This variety will make any lawn mixture perform well in case of traffic. Another potential favourite is the smooth-stalked meadow grass, BORSALA. On pitches and sports fields across the region, this is the variety that's most likely to be named 'worker of the year'. BORSALA has that rare combination of density and fine leaf size that makes it visually appealing while offering speedy wear recovery. BORSALA performs on every front; it gives green-keepers and turf-care professionals an outstanding new tool to work with.